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I watched the movie, “The Two Popes” this morning and found the movie amazing. It is a movie about two different Popes who knew and understood their responsibilities. One was a committed adherent of the system while the other was all about change. They initially operated diametrically from opposing sides, only to be divinely reconciled when reality of God hit them individually.

The movie depicts the divide between faithful commitment to a system that has operated for so long on one hand, and on the other hand, advocacy for change that prioritizes relationship which truly reflects God’s dynamism and nature.

In the movie an authentic leader was sensitive enough to realize that he stopped hearing from God upon his appointment through the system. He resumed hearing from God again after he held a meeting with his greatest critic who incidentally happens also to be his alter ego. He was humble enough to trade places with the other fellow.

It is a movie that demonstrates lessons of selflessness, courage, sensitivities and consciousness about the plight of the led. Definitely a film of integrity, penitence, repentance and forgiveness. The movie is aptly relevant to teach necessary lessons in these days when many of us religious leaders, appear to have lost touch with how to relate in love and with sensitivity to the flock of Christ. This is a movie I recommend to Christian leaders of ALL denominations, particularly Pentecostals, amen.

Dr. Niran Fafowora

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