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Pastor Olaniran Fafowora

Church Manager

As a Coordinator in The Redeemed Christian Church of God, God used him to initiate excellent projects that include Leadership Seminars and Individual Development Programs, publication of an informative and interactive Christian Magazine known as Christian Character.

As a visionary, God enabled him to found a foundation known as Faith Reformatory Organization for National Training, Education and Development (F.R.O.N.T.E.D) for The RCCG - North America.

Pastor Fafowora is a life member and Senator of Junior Chambers International (JCI), an organization he served for over ten years as a Trainer of Trainers. He is also a life Member of The Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International (FGBMFI) where he served as an Organizer and Trainer of The Advance Leadership Training Seminars (ALTS) program for five years.

 In the year 2002, Pastor Fafowora became an alumnus of the famous Haggai Institute, an internationally acclaimed center for advance leadership training and development of Christian Leaders located in Maui, Hawaii, USA. His ultimate experience at Haggai Institute as a certified and commissioned Trainer of Christian Leaders motivated his desire to evolve Leaderskills, Inc - Institute of Leadership Training, Development and Empowerment for the benefit of Christian leaders and organizations.

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