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On April 13, 2019, the Lord gave me a vision for The Open Pulpit (TOP). The objective is to create a user friendly platform to strengthen the preaching of the gospel by engaging knowledgeable people in conversations that are based on the Truth.

These days we witness abuse of communication through lies that are posted on social media on daily basis. Unfortunately people who do not understand evil antics are greatly deceived. This results in misbehavior that tend to borderline personality disorder.

The Open Pulpit will be a platform where everybody, without discrimination against age, color, race, culture, gender, religion, political leaning, etc; will have the opportunity to dialogue and dissect the truth about righteous living fo the betterment of humanity. It will be a forum where people will have the opportunity to showcase their talents.

The Open Pulpit programs will include but not limited to; debates, discussions, interviews, the spoken word, exquisite worship, personality profiles, bread of life, drama, dance, etc. TOP will facilitate platforms that will enable people of all walks of Life, showcase their talents.

The activities of TOP will be recorded on its website;, on facebook, on YouTube, on instagram, etc. We encouraged you to pray along with us for this bold vision and look forward to your coming on board to be part of the vision.

Do remain blessed and keep safe.

Dr. Olaniran Fafowora.

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